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07 March 2015 @ 08:18 pm
[sticky post] Fic List  
I’ve decided to make a list of all the fics so that they are all in one place and easy to find.

Stargate SG1

A Final Chance To Say Goodbye - After Sha're is killed by Teal'c, she wakes up on Abydos with Daniel. Was it all a dream, or is something else going on.

Back Where It All Began - Daniel goes home.

Eternity - Sha're says goodbye to Daniel. A very short epilogue to Forever In A Day

Five Times Sha’re Lied

Five Ways Daniel Found Out About The Stargate Program If He Didn't Go On The First Mission

I Would Give Anything To See You Again - After an accident offworld Daniel is no longer able to go through the Stargate but, to his friend's bemusement, doesn't seem bothered by his new circumstances. What secret is he hiding?

In A Moment - Your life can change in a moment, and for Daniel Jackson and Sha’re Densai that moment is about to happen.

Meant To Be - She never expected to see him again, never thought she'd be in this position but at a Conference she didn't want to go to there he was. Now she had to face the choice she'd made almost three years before.

Meetings Are Bad For Your Health - Jack and Daniel have to attend a meeting.

Pie - Jack wants some pie.

Rejoined - A chance meeting brings Jack and Daniel some surprises.

Ready Made Family - Still getting his life together after descending Daniel gets a letter that gives him something he wants more than anything - a family.

Sunsphere - Several times during his life Daniel has encountered three golden spheres with strange symbols on them. A fourth is found and brings back people he loved and thought lost forever. But should he trust that they won't be ripped away from him again?

Taking Chances - Daniel and Sha're find that having a long distance relationship is not easy in any way. Sequel to A Ready Made Family.

Stargate Atlantis

Aftermath - The aftermath of an accident offworld.

Alisa: The College Years - Having left Atlantis to go to college in no way meant Alisa McKay's life would be normal. With Jack O'Neill's clone as her bodyguard, a confused best friend and knowledge of alien technologies, college isn't going to be easy.
1. Adrift/Lifeline
2. Miller’s Crossing

Crystal - Jeannie gets some advice after a tragedy. AU

Impostor - Where is Rodney? And why does no one realise he's not there? This won 1st place Rodney/Cadman Angst/Drama category Isis Awards 2007.

In Sickness And in Hell - Someone once said that hell is other people, they were wrong.

Mates Series

Feral Instincts - When a mission goes wrong Carson has a puzzle to solve while Rodney gets a house guest.

A Tail Of Teamwork - Rodney and Laura are having trouble adjusting to their bizarre situation. Sequel to Feral instincts.

The Observer - Laura and Rodney have adjusted to their situation but the Daedalus is bringing someone to disrupt everything. Sequel to A Tail Of Teamwork.

Call Of the Domestic - While on a mission, Laura finds some of her deeper instincts coming to the front. Sequel to The Observer

Mates - A possible lead on the Felin'ee gives Laura hope. Sequel to Call of the Domestic.

Returning Home - Three years after she left Atlantis, Rodney's daughter returns home. AU sequel to Alisa
1 Returning Home
2 Settling In
3 Catching Up With The Past
4 How It All Began
5 In The Wind

Toss Of A Coin - After an accident John finds himself in an alternate world - or is he. Could Atlantis have been all a strange dream?

Trapped - An accident leaves Rodney trapped with the one person he's trying to avoid.

Unspoken - Rodney mourns the loss of someone he loves.

SG1/SGA Crossovers

Cuckoo In The Nest - The Goa'uld are gone, the world is at peace and the history of the SGC is known by every schoolchild. Or is it? A once trusted friend is now the enemy while those left fight to stay alive and search for way to be free again.

The House That Jack Built

Missing Daniel - Rodney can't find Daniel and neither can anyone else.

New Faces - A new tenant in the building has an effect on Daniel.

Meeting the Neighbours - Jack introduces his new tenant to some of her neighbours. Sequel to New Faces

Party On The House - Jack throws a party and Daniel tries not to act like an idiot – again. Sequel to Meeting the Neighbours

Halloween Horror - The gangs’ plans for Halloween get ruined. Sequel to Party On The House

SG1/The A-Team Crossovers

The Family Team - Daniel gets some visitors on his eighteenth birthday.

Maybe You Can Hire – Your Family - After a little accident with the Stargate Daniel's only hope of returning home is the A-Team. He just has to convince them he is really the Daniel they know - just from the future.

SG1/Lois And Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Crossovers

Flying Therapy - After a bad day a visitor helps Daniel feel better.

SG1/Due South Crossovers

Chicago Flashback - When in Daniel is questioned about the deaths during The Curse he meets an old friend.


The Captain's Niece - When he saves Kate's life Nathan doesn't realise that she will become a permanent part of his, so much so that on joining the Seaquest he brings her with him. Now he has to command the world's greatest undersea research ship, with the best crew that can get in trouble at the drop of a hat and his 'niece' who has a past he's just waiting to catch up with them.

The Kate Khronicles

A Polite Nightmare - Tim turned to his friend with a wry smile, "Bridger told me this wasn't a punishment for me, I'm beginning to think he was lying."

The Perils Of Friendship - After a second she stuck her head back out and motioned him to follow her. Wincing Tim realised this was what the Captain had meant; it had to be a punishment this time. - Sequel to A Polite Nightmare

Illusions - "He's still avoiding everyone," Lonnie said as she sat at his side, "It's like he's not himself anymore." "Give him a break," Ford said as he joined them, "He just lost another close friend. Considering the changes we've all had to adapt to, this might just have been the one that broke him." Sequel to The Perils Of Friendship

Safety Net - "Every word out of your mouth is either a lie or designed to manipulate," he yelled at her, "And you just expect dumb gullible Tim to accept it."..."Why are you really here, Kate?" he demanded, "What scam are you here to pull? What do you want from me this time?" Sequel to Illusions

The Past We Try To Leave Behind - "He cares about you," Nathan continued, pushing the only advantage he had, "And you care about him?" "I love him," Kate whispered shaking her head, "And I've never told him because I knew that one day my past would rear its head. I didn't think it would be this but I knew I would have to leave." Sequel To Safety Net

Who I Am - Nathan clapped Tim’s shoulder, “Don’t give up on her, Tim. Kate is tenacious and although she said she won’t fight Kincaid…” he paused, “Kate isn’t the coward she proclaims she is.” “I know,” he smiled slightly, “Nuts, but not a coward.” Sequel to The Past We Try To Leave Behind.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Family Circle - Peter is missing, presumed dead as the Caine family tree sprouts another branch.

Sins Of The Father - When Nickie Elders' past returns to haunt him, he turns to the Caine family for help. Sequel to Family Circle

A Different Track - Damon Caine returns and Melissa is thrown into a different world, one where Peter was never reunited with his father. Sequel to Sins Of The Father

Ghost - Kermit thinks he's losing his mind when he sees a woman from his past he believes to be dead and turns to Caine for help.